We treat all types and forms of acne, from age 6 to the 80’s, with multiple types of modalities and therapies.


Moles are growths that appear on the skin. They can be brown, black, red, or even skin colored. Moles are sometimes round, and other times oval shaped. they can occur as a solitary lession or in clusters throughout the surface area of our skin.


PSoriasis is a skin eruption consisting of reddish patches or plaques, that commonly appear over the elbows, knees, and scalp. They have the ability to occur anywhere on the skin.


There are many common conditions which will present as a facial rash. Some will have redness with flaking, present in the eyebrows or nasal fold. Others can show as bumps or pimples surrounding the mouth or nose, these are very treatable conditions.


Rosacea is a facial rash that can present with pimples, cysts, blood vessels, or redness anywhere on the facial area. It can become itchy, and require treatment from a dermatologist. 


There are three types of commonly occurring skin cancer. Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and Malignant Melonoma. They can occur in all shapes and sizes as some are colorful, some are smooth, and some are irregular in appearance. There are many types of treatments used to treat these skin cancers, performed by a dermatologist.


Warts are odd shaped or cauliflower shaped growths, caused by a virus. They can appear commonly on the hands or fingers, and may even occur on all parts of the skin.


Growths can appear anywhere on our skin. They come in all shapes and sizes and should be evaluated by a dermatologist. We worry about the “ABCD” of growths : Asymetry, Borders, Color, and Diameter of each growth.


There are many causes of hair loss that a dermatologist treats. In most cases we are able to determine the cause of the hair loss and begin treatment.